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Problem 18 Medium Difficulty

Prove the identity.
$ \frac {1 + \tanh x}{1 - \tanh x} = e^{2x} $


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Video Transcript

we know we can write this as one plus sign. Age of Axe over co sign H of X, divided by one minus Sign H of X over co sign H of acts. This simplifies to co sign a chav axe was signed H of X over co sign a check box minus signed H of X, which is equivalent to either the axe over eat of the negative axe, which is either the two packs because it's maximize negative X, which is expose sex, which is two X. Okay, now we can write this out. A sign a chair backs is eating the axe months. Each of the negative X over to and coast John H. Of X is either the axe plus E to the negative axe over, too. Therefore, tangent H of Axe, the Sign Age Max over co sign a check box.