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Problem 12

Rewriting Before Integrating In Exercises$11-14,$…

Problem 11

Rewriting Before Integrating In Exercises $11-14,$ complete the table to find the indefinite integral.
$\int \sqrt[3]{x} d x$


\frac{3}{4} x^{\frac{4}{3}}+C


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Video Transcript

in question 11. We're giving the indefinite integral X one. Yes, They want us to rewrite it. Written, I have ex the one there. Yes, Integrate. So here we're gonna add one. So 1/3 plus one is 4/3 now notice There's no coefficient out here. So I have to have when I multiply my exponents that my exponents times whatever equals one so multiplied by the reciprocal of the exponents. And then I can add anything at the back because it doesn't have an X on it when I, um, integrated, disappear, and then they want me to simplify it. So simplified would be bringing boards x to the 4/3 plus c. Let's see if that works. 4/3 times three courses one. Then I subtract one and I get X to the 1/3 and deceive disappears. So that looks like it's the correcting

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