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Problem 13 Medium Difficulty

Rewriting Before Integrating In Exercises$11-14,$ complete the table to find the indefinite
$$Original \quad Integral \quad Rewrite \quad Integrate \quad Simplify$$
$ \quad \quad \quad\quad\quad\quad \int \frac{1}{x \sqrt{x}} d x$




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Video Transcript

All right, question 13. Well, give me indefinitely your girl one over X. I'm a square root of X. So rewrite it X to the negative three halves. The ex Because his X the first X is 1/2 one and 1/2 is three halfs. And from the denominator, so would be negative and then integrate. So again I would have to at one add one b negative. And the reciprocal will be next to see Nam. What I see Does that work negative? 1/2 times negative too. Give me a positive coefficient of one that I subtract one and I get negative three halves. So this looks to be the correct answer. And now I'm just gonna rewrite it as negative to X. Sorry. I want that to be. Thanks. Eliminator. No, it's 1/2 of a negative. Negative too, in the numerator. And they have to include my constant