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Problem 11 Hard Difficulty

SCleNTIFIC INQUIRY A major cause of septic shock is the
presence of lipopolysaccharide(LPS) from bacteria in the blood.
Suppose you have available purified LPS and several strains of
mice, each with a mutation that inactivates a particular TLR gene. How might you use these mice to test the feasibility of
treating septic shock with a drug that blocks TIR signaling?


determining which TLR needs to be inactivated in order to stop the TLR signaling pathway during septic shock.


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Video Transcript

Okay, so we want to test the efficacy of a drug in treating septic shock specifically back cores by life Equality sack arise lipo Saccharine LPs is found exclusively on gram negative bacteria in the cell membrane. Beyonce's remembering on, and it triggers a very strong, innate immune response, which is perfect because it's found only in bacteria. It should never be in your blood's. If he finds it, you should have a strong response to it up, but in excessive amounts. This causes a psychic on storm septic shock and can kill the patients. So we have some mice who are knockouts with various Tollan. Triceps is t a loss, and we want to see if this drop it blocks for signaling pathway involved is any good against septic shock, so we'll have a look at be signaling pathway. Um, like a poly sack. Arise binds to CD 14 on macrophages. Mother sites same thing, which is self connected to toll like receptors for But we will find that out if we were to test the mice. The ones that have told like receptive for knocked out shouldn't have such a strong immune response to the look alike. Quickly SEC arise, which we contest by just injecting them with small amounts and testing for downstream satya kinds like into the King six or T NFL for So we have these mice. Most of them are going to have a very strong response to LPs, some of them not so much because we are lacking t a lot for on, and then we can give him the stroke and see how that's effects the amplitude off the response by the presence of these sites of cons. And if the drug is going to be any good at treating septic shock, it should reduce the innate immune response in the mice that have a functional T lawful. I should not affect for the knockout so much because it should not be having a bit signaling pathway in the first place. The mess ready. The goal here is to see justice drug effects. How much for response your mice give you when exposed with small amounts of like quality sack arise