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Problem 104

Titanium Use Table 4.9 to calculate the atomic ma…

Problem 103

Semiconductors Silicon is important to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The three naturally
occuring isotopes of silicon are silicon-28, silicon-29,
and silicon-30. Write the symbol for each.


$-$ Silicon-28: $\frac{28}{14} S$
$-$ Silicon-29: $\frac{29}{14} S$
$-$ Silicon-30: $\frac{30}{14} S$



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Video Transcript

been describing these isotopes. You put the number of neutrons over the number of products and then put the elements name. So s so this week. 28 hour, 14.9. Reporting through working. But you would have them in a fraction. Form like this. It's 28. Bar 14 s, 29 bar 14. 30 40.

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