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Problem 41 Medium Difficulty

Show that the curve with parametric equations $ x = t^2 $, $ y = 1 - 3t $, $ z = 1 + t^3 $ passes through the points $ (1, 4, 0) $ and $ (9, -8, 28) $ but not through the point $ (4, 7, -6) $.


See explanation for result.


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Video Transcript

showed that the curve with parametric equations that seek oddity Square Why is he called one minus twenty is the cultural one. Plastics cube passive through the point one four zero and nine negative eight articulate but not through the point or Fallon Negative six First rely toe Why is the contract for so we have one minus twenty is the code for So we're half. He is equal to one won t z one negative one half x is equal to one See is equal to zero It is a point one for feral last on the curve Then we light one wise because connective eight So we have one minus durante is called connective eight So three t yes, record nine You got your three And what key is equal to three x is equal to nine and the musical to one class there is killed This's because twenty eight was a point nine active eight eight life on the curve and then relight Why is he with someone? We have one minus Your interior is equal to selling He is the connective too. What is be contradicted to have accidentally got you he squires of this is he could have warned on DSI is equal to one minus eight. This's coordinative sama. So point cellar for sellin connective salan life under Get off here. Listen, this negative six. So the point for Salomon negative six doesn't lie on the curve since. Well, why could Too silent we have these two negatives.