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Problem 64

The Tower of Terror ride Figure 18.10 shows Towe…

Problem 63

Show that when a metal rod $L$ meters long moves at speed $v$ perpendicular to $\vec{B}$ field lines, the magnetic force exerted by the field on the electrically charged particles in the rod produces a potential difference between the ends of the rod equal to the product $B I y$ .


$\Delta V=B v L$



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Video Transcript

In this particular case, you have to consider a system like this where you have Ah, Rod, This way. This is your rod. Now you have magnetic field in the upward direction and your rod is traveling. We have a lasted TV in let's say that direction. Okay, so now the electric field induced at the end of the rod is given Bari Genuine sucks over change in time. In this particular because there is only one soup. So I am just going to write sox ease, be a Because the area is perpendicular to the magnetic field. Does the tea now BCE constant and the area of the rod is given by They said This is X and let's say this direction is worry. So that's Delta off X y over desert E. It was be why can come out, Because why is constant You have got their X over dlt. Actually, that's not used the variable Why it is given that the rent of the rod is l. The length of the rod is l so that's my l. And it is not changing, so l can come out of the parent disease and I have dexterity which is the velocity off the Do not. So this is how you can show that motion of the IMF produces and a mound off BFV electric field across the to end off the road.

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