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Problem 11 Easy Difficulty

Shown is a graph of the global average temperature $ T $ during the 20th century. Estimate the following.

(a) The global average temperature in 1950
(b) The year when the average temperature was 14.2 $ ^{\circ} C $
(c) The year when the temperature was smallest? Largest?
(d) The range of $ T $


(a) When $t=1950, T \approx 13.8^{\circ} \mathrm{C},$ so the global average temperature in 1950 was about $13.8^{\circ} \mathrm{C}$
(b) When $T=14.2^{\circ} \mathrm{C}, t \approx 1990$
(c) The global average temperature was smallest in 1910 (the year corresponding to the lowest point on the graph) and largest
in 2005 (the year corresponding to the highest point on the graph).
(d) When $t=1910, T \approx 13.5^{\circ} \mathrm{C},$ and when $t=2005, T \approx 14.5^{\circ} \mathrm{C} .$ Thus, the range of $T$ is about [13.5,14.5]


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Kodandarao C.

April 29, 2021

Three runners compete in a 100-meter race. The graph depicts the distance run as a function of time for each runner. Describe in words what the graph tells you about this race.

Video Transcript

okay. Showing his graph of the global average temperature tea during the twentieth century estate The following. So we'll have to look at this grass here. So eh What is the global average temperature in nineteen fifty? So nineteen fifty is on the T axis here and so that'll correspond Teo about these are divided into fits here. So that's going to be what for a thirteen point eight degrees Celsius? Let's rip it out. So, for ah, a here, eh? A little after temperature in nineteen. Fifty we said, is about thirteen point eight degrees Celsius. Can't. And for B Well, what year was the average temperature when it was fourteen? Point Dio ke fourteen point two is gonna be this little tick mark there. And so that's gonna correspond with the tea component. Ah, about nineteen. Fifty it I'm going to save nineteen ninety five. That sounds like a good year. So for B nineteen, ninety five, Fred before two thousand, Okay, three year, whether when the temperature was the smallest and the largest. Okay, so we want to look at the temperature in which the we have the lowest average recording, which is about there. I'm going to see that. Which point to thirty point for and a half. So thirteen with four and a half. And that happened, you know, somewhere between nineteen hundred and ah of after nineteen years. So maybe at nineteen. Twenty, that happened. Okay, so now I may be in nineteen. Fifteen. It sounds a little bit more appropriate. Okay, Was when we were at the smallest average temperature into the largest average temperature is going to be this. You know, about fourteen point. Ah, for two point four there. And that's gonna happen a little bit. Asked her two thousand. I'm going to see me the two thousand five. Okay, that's five. And what is the range of tea? Okay. What is the range, Inti? So that's the minimum of this function here, Tio the maximum. So that we'd said that was thirteen a point four five Teo fourteen point four. Okay, let's get that out. Fergie range of t t ranges from inclusive thirteen point four five Teo fourteen forty four. Thanks for watching