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Problem 16 Easy Difficulty

Sketch a rough graph of the number of hours of daylight as a function of the time of year.


The graph for the number of hours of daylight as a function of time is sinusoidal with time period equal to 1 year.

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Video Transcript

all right, so we want to make a graph that represents the hours of daylight over the course of a year. And, of course, it depends on your location. But if you take a typical place in the United States, chances are that in the winter will say that month zero is month, December, perhaps in the winter. We've got the lowest amount of daylight, and then we'll say in the summer, which would be around month, June se months. Six. We would have the highest amount of daylight. And then by the time we get back to month 12 December again, we've got the lowest amount of daylight again. And what's happening over the course of the year is that it is steadily growing and shrinking, so we don't have sharp turns here. We have smoothed curves, so it's gonna look something like this, and that looks like a sign curve or a co sign curve. Some kind of sign you soil curve, we call it or periodic curve