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Problem 8 Easy Difficulty

Sketch the curve with the given vector equation. Indicate with an arrow the direction in which $ t $ increases.

$ r(t) = \langle t^2 - 1 , t \rangle $


$\mathbf{r}(t)=<t^{2}-1, t>$


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Video Transcript

the problem is sketch the curve with, like even factor. The equation indicated with a narrow the direction in which to resist. Your art is equal to X squared, minus one on DH. So we have X is equal to the squire minus line. Why is he so we have, actually, don't you y squared minus one? Now let's sketch. The graph of this function is in next to one. It's Kraft is like thiss no on DH things. Why is he t such a direction in wage increases? Yes, this direction.