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Problem 14 Easy Difficulty

Sketch the curve with the given vector equation. Indicate with an arrow the direction in which $ t $ increases.

$ r(t) = \cos t i - \cos t j + \sin t k $




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Video Transcript

the problem is sketch of the curve with given back to the equation indicated with pero the direction engaged increases. You're Artie. If people to assign teatime sine minus cosigned, have still assigned, you have Okay, so we have access to assign you. Why is this call to negative signs saying Yes. He called you fine. So we have axe you, couldn't you? Negative. Why? And x squared plus c squared. It's equal to what now? First we can gather playing X. It was connected. Why? Then we can drive there. Circle X squared plus two squared equals one answer plane acts before to next. Why now? Let's catch the curve. It's a plane axe. You could have connected. Why is this plane now? Let's draw a circle. I screamed like this. Why you would want this Now let's see what he is. They go to zero. We have Max. Why? Why could nick one and say to you zero So this point and what he go to Hyo went to have actually but wife with zero and saying too wants this point. So the direction in which tea increases is this direction