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Problem 8 Easy Difficulty

Sketch the graph of a function $ f $ that is continuous except for the stated discontinuity.

Neither left nor right continuous at -2, continuous only from the left at 2.


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Video Transcript

No, we have a question in which will risk is the graph. Okay, uh it is continuous, accept the statement which is being given where discontinuity occurs. Okay, so it is given that the graph is neither left or right continuous and minus two. Okay, second, it's continues only from the left at -2. This is X. I'm sorry, continues origin from the left at two, two minus. So it is given that it is not left or right continuous at X equal to -2. So it must be like this and this just like because it should be the baking point or graphs should not be continuous over here, secondly, continues only from the left at two. If we go to to hear it should be like this, oh it is given that it is continuous At two from left only and it will discontinues from right, so it should be like this. What? Thank you.