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Problem 48 Hard Difficulty

Sketch the graph of the function.

$ h(t) = | t | + | t + 1 | $


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Video Transcript

all right. Sun's question when we need to do a sketch the graph of this function like here support. So to schizo graph, I just First we will our access and ah, well, actually, in a stake here we're not concerned with ex were concerned with tea and h o t these just when it approaches, problem is just Teo plug in values and see what it looks like. So we have tea here and hft in star with just one of three things will be sufficient. All right, So when tea is negative three we get the re plus negative three plus one, which is native to the absolute value that is going to be too. So it's going to be five here. So when tea is negative too, we say that the absolute value of tea is going to be two plus negative two plus one, which is negative one. Absolutely. And that is going to be one. So two plus one is going to be three when tears negative. When we get one plus. Thank you. One plus one zero. So he has kept one. Yeah, And when t zero we just kept one auntie is one it's one plus one plus one. So one post two is three and years five. Twenty is three insist the absolute value three plus absolutely of P plus one or three plus one. So it's going to be three plus four, which is going to give us some of it. So what we do here is just plot. It looks like Oops. Let's go Over here we have negative three like to make one, one, two and three one piece when tears to its five years. One, It's three, neither one is going to be Why. And you're two three inning Why? So our grav is gonna look something like this, and there you go. So there graph of h of tea is going to look something like this. Just just It's kind of like a funnel, but that so the easiest way to approach this problem is just to plug in values and figure out what, in this case, a shifty is going to be