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Problem 35 Easy Difficulty

Sketch the graph of the piecewise defined function.
$f(x)=\left\{\begin{array}{ll}{3} & {\text { if } x<2} \\ {x-1} & {\text { if } x \geq 2}\end{array}\right.$


see graph


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Video Transcript

Let's start by drawing our access where this is zeal. And 123 this is 123 Okay, Now, if when X is less than two hour function equals 23 So let's draw that. But now notice. This is X less than two, but not equals two. So it gets to to will have, ah, heart of circle. Now, if excess a lot larger or equal to two then affects half this form, what does this function looked like? Let's quickly draw. Oh, the rest of our axes. Well, this graph means this this function tells me that it's slope this one and it intersects the white at the Y axis at minus one. So it should look like this like that. It's not a perfect graph, Okay, But we only want the park that that's from X equals two onwards. So we only want this section here, okay, and can remove this. This whatever effects looks like