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Problem 2 Easy Difficulty

Sketch the points $ (1, 5, 3) $, $ (0, 2, -3) $, $ (-3, 0, 2) $, and $ (2, -2, -1) $ on a single set of coordinate axes.




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Video Transcript

alright Tio coordinate axes and for the negative parts I like to put dash lines. It's going to be kind of hard with The main idea is that we've got an x o I in a Z Oxy. So the point one five three we go one in extraction five in the UAE direction and then up three in this direction. OK, so it's gonna look really bad. It's not going to really look like what's going on because it's hard to draw. Three D on a to D a picture that's the first one. The next one is at zero. So we go zero in the extraction, two in the white direction and then negative three in those directions. Okay, so it's just like plotting a point in two tea. But you have to go in three directions. So negative three No. Zero in the UAE direction and then up to and the last one we go to native to negative