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Problem 49

EXPLORING CONCEPTS Sketching a Graph In Exercises…


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Problem 48

Slope Field In Exercises 47 and $48,$ (a) use a graphing utility to graph a slope field for the differential equation, (b) use integration and the given point to find the particular solution of the differential equation, and (c) graph the particular solution and the slope field in the same viewing window.

$\frac{d y}{d x}=2 \sqrt{x},(4,12)$


y=\frac{4 x^{3 / 2}}{3}+\frac{4}{3}


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Video Transcript

so here it is not to generate, eh? Couldn't plug? Yeah, And here you see Queer Club. Where do you know why Next iss two decks two two x to the one general the axe. The axe. Listen two x to the one the ex generally a little blank. Space that one to the experiment and then multiply the inverse of that to get 4/3 extra three halves, plus food for curved passes through four 12 12 is equal to 4/3. Four, three. Oops. See old now for the three hands. Too cute. Which is today. That's four times over. Three Oh, Cassie, which is 32 three. See, that means that scene gonna be 12 minus two three, which is 36 1 30 minus 332 three, which is fuller 30. Why is equal to 4/3 next to the three halves. Hus turn. Look here When we go 2 4/3 It was about here. Stay well, but Oh, come make sense

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