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Problem 47 Hard Difficulty

Slope Field In Exercises 47 and $48,$ (a) use a graphing utility to graph a slope field for the differential equation, (b) use integration and the given point to find the particular solution of the differential equation, and (c) graph the particular solution and the slope field in the same viewing window.

$\frac{d y}{d x}=2 x,(-2,-2)$




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Video Transcript

all right in question. They asked me a first look if you tied coffee grounds. Goth and the equation two X And they gave a quick Maybe you too negative. So this is that slow field And then her part b we're going to take the integral but grow up to be ex They're for that gives our class wonder the exponents multiplied by the reciprocal to over one Which one plus c no. I have explored classy e x c And now I plug in my point Negative, too negative, too negative too Equals you too square. See? Well, that may be to four c They're Coursey X. And to see that smoke feel with the graph is right there.