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Problem 4

It can most reasonably be inferred that as it is …

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Problem 3

Snow fell and then stopped for a time. When the
snow began to fall again, it fell at a faster rate than it
had initially. Assuming that none of the snow melted
during the time indicated, which of the following
graphs could model the total accumulation of snow
versus time?

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Video Transcript

So for this one, it said that Snow fell. So first, while we have that it fell. So that means that we have some sort of an increase here because that means that it's being acute of more and more are coming more and more and more so. It should look like a straight line. And then it says when this and then it stopped for a time. So that means that it's going to be the same amount because no Morris coming. But that doesn't mean that the amount that's there isn't gonna be there anymore. So that already eliminate straight Steve because it doesn't have any stopping point that it that's when it began to fall again. I feel at a faster rate. Well, we know that if it's a faster rate, that a rate is talking about the slope, and so if it's out of faster rate, it's out of bigger slope faster, bigger soup. And so if we initially had this, then we have to have something that has a bigger stuff like that. So that is going to be a because for see, it goes back down, which means that either this it stopped and then it no more came and the snow started melting or something like that. And that for be the initial mountain has a faster rate than the latter amount, so we can't choose.

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