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Problem 83

When benzene $\left(\mathrm{C}_{6} \mathrm{H}_{6}…

Problem 82

Solutions of sulfuric acid and lead(II) acetate react to form solid lead(II) sulfate and a solution of acetic acid. If 5.00 g of sulfuric acid and 5.00 g of lead(II) acetate are mixed, calculate the number of grams of sulfuric acid, lead(II) acetate, lead(II) sulfate, and acetic acid present in the mixture after the reaction is complete.


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Video Transcript

So in this problem, we have a reaction off a solution of sulfuric acid. We lead ass. It'd which will produce solid layer self it and a solution off acidic acid. So if we write down the reaction, the reaction will be like this. Where we have, um the sulfuric is reacting with Layla exited to produce their self it on. Ah, lead sulphur and asparagus. So before solving the problem, we have to balance this equation. So he was start with our mate earlier, which is lead. We have one lead on his side. Then we have one self it on its side. Then we have two exited in reactant side. But we have only one s. It'd in the correct sign. For that reason, we will put it to here. Now we have to proceed on both side and we have to hide risen on both sides. That means this is our balanced reaction in question. Now wield even five gram off each reactant to react. And we have to find out how many grams off Ah, which all the reactors and products will remain in the reaction, Mr. After a complete reaction. So to calculate that what we have to do first is to we have to find out the number ofthe most for five gram off each reactant So five gram sulfuric as said in number of malls will be five gram over the molar mass of sulphuric acid, which is ninety eight point zero eight. Graham Barmal and you'LL give us a value off zero point zero five one more issues of four. So this is a number of months for five grand mysteries of four and five gram land. Assitant in number of most will be five gram over molar mass of Laura's rate, which is three. Twenty five point two nine Crump Armel and it will give us mellow sirah planned zero one five more. Let us end it now. Since from the balance to cushion, we can see that one mall off cell, Fergus. It will reactivate one bull off later. Sedat, that means point zero five mole awfully resident will react to it point zero one five mole of sulphuric acid that men's since this reactant will be completely consumed since it is, um, lower in amount that this this is our limiting reactant. And if we just write down the initial and final amount off each reactant and product. From there, we'LL be able to write down how many grams off which reacted and product will remain in the final mixture. So the initial amount off it's just off for his syrup. Point zero five. One more so you're writing the mall here, since all them or say mean more. So the amount of sulphuric acid is your opponent's zero five. One more the initial amount on for later, so that the initial amount is zero point zero one five More and initially we don't have any layer itself. It are acidic acid. Then we'LL find out the change so the change will be since Barnes zero on five mole off ascetic acid will react with point zero on five matloff sulphuric acid that made the change will be minor zero point zero on five mall for sulphuric acid and miners syrup onto their own. Five more for let accident, and it will produce since one mole of sulphuric acid and one full of legacy that produce one bull off yourself. That means point zero on five full of fluorescent will produce point zero on five more off leg selfish and since one mole off the reactor's produced to mall of the product, that means the product off of um off the acidic acid will be two times. Parents here on Five more are zero point zero to one. More will be produced for STDs, so in the final mixture we will have point zero five one miner's point zero one five mole off I'm histories of form, which will give us zero point zero three six small office just before and since the limiting reactant will really completely. That means his party's around five minutes points here in five minutes zero matloff fled as it will remain. Then we'LL have zero point zero on five mole off left selfish and zero point zero three one mole off the acidic acid. Now what we'LL do is we'LL simply find the mass off each number of mall here, and that will give us the final amounts in grams for each reactant and product. So mass off hts of four will be the number of most of It's just our four remaining, which is zero point zero three six small times the molar mass off sulphuric acid, which is ninety eight point um, zero eight Grandpa are more and you'LL give us a hello off three point five three. Graham is to us afore Then, since Alder let us idiot is reacted are completely consumed that the massive later settled with zero will be zero ten meself. Lead self. It will be the number of most of their self produced which is syrup land zero on five more times. The molar mass of list cell phone which is three or three point two six. Grandpa are more. It will give us a value off four point two five five Graham theirself ert. And finally, the mess off as city gassid will be the number of most ofus. Atticus, it produced, which is serial point zero three one mall times the more massive acidic acid, which is sixty point it was zero five two Gramp our mall and this will give us a value off one point eight six gram. Ask you to guess it. So after the reaction is complete in the mixture, we'LL have four point five five grams herself at one point eight six gram as to guess it three point five three grams sulphuric acid and we're I have no amount off. Let s it'd remaining