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Problem 28 Hard Difficulty

Solve Exercise 24 if the tank is half full of oil that has a density of $ 900 kg/m^3 $.




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Video Transcript

So if firstly, to figure out the geometry of the setting here we have. Ah, it's fair. Which is the spirit putting. There's a little pipe, the radius of this spared three and this little pipe as length. What? Okay, so think of the object. It's right there. And, uh, but the performer, in theory, we have the distance of the coordinates of the zone because of this lot did object. It's excellent y And here three. So we have experts whisperings nine by the pestle with and the X equals two nine months Wa squared. You can't with the total world going for mother Dad, Uh, the work equals two at the S from a degree still in position and appearing goes to p the chemistry, repressive density baseball, um, and G is the gravity. The force of gravity would use it to 9.8. So after hearing this formula is close to eight from a to B p B G tones the distance call, you know? Yes, and this problem we're given that he is 900. Geez, all this 918 And the distance that after things air travel is the total length is R plus l. So which is four minus y? Why's Thea the vertical world called the vertical coordinates of the object and exes hearts in the ordinance. So this is here. We call it a candle l to distinguish of thesis the length of the pipe. So l l l is from its way And what is evolving the bomb here it's simply I our squire. But our here's Nadia really is with the ball of the square. It iss the radius of a slice. The circle where the object it's is located in it's is only uncertain circle. So the radius here is just the escorting the object. So which is equals two. Hi comes nine minus westward. So hands Alberta goggles to on zero and, uh, naked three. Starting but with a square 900 times number. Nate comes for months. Boy, that's 91 It's one squared and pie. So any road this D Y evaluating this integral, give us roughly 8.13 hi times. Fine. That's the, uh, tell the work you're gonna do