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Problem 36

Solving a Trigonometric Equation In Exercises $…

Problem 35

Solving a Trigonometric Equation In Exercises $35-42,$ solve the equation for $\theta,$ where $0 \leq \theta \leq 2 \pi .$
$$2 \sin ^{2} \theta=1$$


$\theta=\frac{\pi}{4}, \frac{3 \pi}{4}, \frac{5 \pi}{4}, \frac{7 \pi}{4}$



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Video Transcript

Okay, so we have to sign. Squared of theta is equal to one. This Subtract one for alongside get to same data squared data when it's one of the good girl, which means the confected to be throat too. We actually, yeah. Begin factor it. So it's square root of to sign of data minus one time through to sign of data plus one he puts about. Okay. Now, if sign of their time square to too much one. Is he good to go? Then we have that sign of data because you don't want to recover to, which means that they can be equal to pi over four or the people before. Now, if we have negative record, too sign of data plus one equal to go. So that means that sign of data difficult to native one of perverted too. Which means that they don't can be equal to five pi over four or seven pi over four. Which gives me that data. Could be with you part before three prior before Hi. Open for

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