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Problem 20 Easy Difficulty

Spaceship $R$ is moving to the right at a speed of 0.70$c$ with respect to Earth. A second spaceship, $L,$ moves to the left at the same speed with respect to Earth. What is the speed of $L$ with respect to $R$ ?




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Video Transcript

court. Feinstein's We lost tradition. Grueling. Uh, lost e off l with respect to our, uh is equal to we lost e off spaceship l with respect to Earth minus Oh, we lost e oh, are with respect to e divided by one minus lost t off l With respect to e times we lost you are with respect to e divided by C square. Now let's plug in the values we lost your spaceship. Mm. With respect to our is equal to, uh, minus zero point 70 minus 0.70 times. See minus zero point 70 times the speed of light. Divided by divided by one minus minus 0.72 times the speed of lighting, too. Zero bind 70 times the speed of light divided by C square. And simply simply find this. Uh, we lost you of space ship L with respect to our is equal to 0.94 times the speed of light

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