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Problem 2 Easy Difficulty

Suppose gas costs $\$ 3.50$ a gallon. We make a model for the cost $C$ of buying $x$ gallons of gas by writing the formula $C=$____ .


$$3.5 x$$

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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "our problem asked us to find the cost sea of ex gallons of gas and our crucial piece of information. Here is this piece that says the guests cost $3.50 per gallon. So what this is basically saying is that one gallon of gas, it's going to cost $3.50 so we can apply this to the same thing for two girls, I guess so. Two gallons of gas. It's going to cost $3.50 times two gallons. And then this could be applied to any number of girls. Were guess so It's the same thing for seven gallons of gas, for instance, seven girls gas will cost $3.50 right, $3.50 times seven gallons. And our solution is to be written in the form C equals something. So our cost, as we found above, is simply art. $3.50 times our ex number of gallant. So this is the same thing and saying when we had our one gallon of gas up here, we would just plug in one here and get caused his $3.50 she's exactly right and we can play it in to our seven gallons of gas is well, so far X, with seven would get the cost is $3.50. I'm seven, which is our answer. So our solution and C equals $3.50 times X."}