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Problem 53 Hard Difficulty

Suppose $ u $ and $ v $ are vector functions that possess limits as $ t \to a $ and let $ c $ be a constant. Prove the following properties of limits.
(a) $ \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} [u(t) + v(t)] = \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} u(t) + \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} v(t) $
(b) $ \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} cu(t) = c \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} u(t) $
(c) $ \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} [u(t) \cdot v(t)] = \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} u(t) \cdot \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} v(t) $
(d) $ \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} [u(t) \times v(t)] = \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} u(t) \times \displaystyle \lim_{t \to a} v(t) $


a. See work for answer
b. $\lim _{x \rightarrow a}[c \cdot f(x)]=c \lim _{x \rightarrow a} f(x)$
c. see work for answer
d. see work for answer


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Video Transcript

The problem is, suppose you and we will work to functions that precise limits as he goes to a and, let's say, be a constant proof. The following properties of limits a limit he goes to a UTI pathway T is equal to limit U T plus limited. Weighty the first two well at UT. It's equal to X one, he asked. Why won t he? 31 and Richie? It's equal to X tooty y two t c two g, then Okay, beauty plus beach. This is equal to X one g last extremity want want asked, why shouldn t 31 to you? Pastie too Mhm. Then the limit. He goes to 80 u t As Richie it's equal to limit. He goes to a X t x one t as like security limit he goes to Hey, mhm Why 12 us y two t my mate. She goes to a 31 as the treaty. This is Echo two limit. He goes to a x one t us limit. He goes to a X tooty limit. He goes to a Why won t us limit? He goes to pay my duty limit. He goes to a 312 US limit. He goes to 80 20. This is equal to limit X 20 limit. Why would he limit? They want you US limit extremity limit y two t limit substitute. Yeah, limit. She goes to a X 20. Why would he c one t us limit high security y two t say treaty. So this is a cultural limit. He goes to a beauty us limit. It goes to a beach, so use the same. One third we can solve the next three equations.