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Problem 22

The accompanying graph shows the total amount of gasoline $A$ in the gas tank of an automobile after being driven for $t$ days.
a. Estimate the average rate of gasoline consumption over the time intervals $[0,3],[0,5],$ and $[7,10]$ .
b. Estimate the instantancous rate of gasoline consumption at the times $t=1, t=4,$ and $t=8$ .
c. Estimate the maximum rate of gasoline consumption and the specific time at which it occurs.


a) $-1.7$ gal per $d a y_{,}-2.3$ gal per day, $-0.5$ gal per day
b) $-1.5$ gal per day, $-4$ gal per day, $-0.5$ gal per day
c) $-4$ gal per day at $t=3.5$


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