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Problem 3

Consider the accompanying energy diagram. (a) Doe…


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Problem 2

The accompanying photo shows a pipevine swallowtail caterpillar climbing up a twig. (a) As the caterpillar climbs, its potential energy is increasing. What source of energy has been used to effect this change in potential energy? (b) If the caterpillar is the system, can you predict the sign of $q$ as the caterpillar climbs? (c) Does the caterpillar do work in climbing the twig? Explain. (d) Does the amount of work done in climbing a 12 -inch section of the twig depend on the speed of the caterpillar's climb? (e) Does the change in potential energy depend on the caterpillar's speed of climb? [ Section 5.1$]$


a) Energy is produced.
b) No way to predict the temperature.
c) Work is done because caterpillar is moving against a force over a distance.
d) Hence, the amount of work done in climbing a 12 inch section of the twig does not depend on the
speed of caterpillar's climb.
e) No. Potential energy only depends on position.



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Video Transcript

a guy was re doomed. Problem number two of Chapter five and Chemistry Central Science. So the accompanying the photo in your textbook shows a pipeline swallowtail kala pillar climbing a twig so you can think of it. No. As so it's so as camper clients is potential energy, she is increasing. What source of energy is used to make this change of potential energy? That would be the energy that, against from metabolism, he is remember, metabolism is how, as is how living organisms as has produced energy. Now for part, beat us in the caterpillar is the system. Can you predict the sign of Q as the caterpillar caterpillar climbs? Well, no, we can't because remember for weeks us like, for example, when we're measuring the heat, evolved from a specific reaction cues equal to emcee Delta T. Steve. So, in other words, Q Q is a function of tea. So if we don't know the change in temperature, we cannot determine anything about the heat. So and party, they wantto this caterpillar do work and climb the twig. That's going to be yes, because the counter the caterpillar is going against the gravitational force that would be pulling it, pulling it down. So you need work to overcome that gravitational force. So does the amount of work done in climbing a twelve inch section of truth. Depends on the speed the caterpillar There's gonna be No, because, remember, work is equal to that's two As to f us to ft. So we have force times distance. There s their speed is a relevant in this section. So we have speed is irrelevant in this section. So we're us. So work does not depend on speaking. Does the change in potential averaged a panic help? Airspeed of climb? It's going to be, you know, his potential energy is equal to em. The H and you have the potential energy that you're producing bath dependent on the height that you climb, but not the speed at which you you climb, climb that height. So your potential energy does not depend. Potential energy of the caterpillar is not depend on speed

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