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Problem 141 Hard Difficulty


a. mass percentage $(\mathrm{Pt})=65,03$ percent
b. $\mathrm{m}=19607,84 \mathrm{g}=19,61 \mathrm{kg}$


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Video Transcript

this question may have drunk, which is called Substance called Black Thine own Latina. We must know that to formally it's platinum attaching tow, ammonia and the to glory so we can calculate its a molecular with is the which problem is one mind Fine. So 195 plus two times 14 plus three plus two times 35.5 So it will be 300 e m u. So the percentage off platinum is equal. Zambrano platinum is one and its atomic masses 195 and a compound is 300 times by 100. So the result will be 65% So the percentage of splitting them in his compound is 60. Fine. So this is the first part. The second bar. We found that the cost is $51 $51 for each one gram platinum. So if we spend as we're right here Yeah, it was in one million Eastern bar sakes. How many Graham for black. So we come first. We calculate how many grand platinum by crossing the missile. So the weight off platinum that cost one milion Easton bar sex dividing 10.50 more, which is equal 19.61 times point in power. Three grand platinum. So miseries 19.61 times Fighting Board, three. Grand partner. So the cost will be one milieu. So this is equivalent to how many Gramp Latino so black in the hole containing one platinum. So the legal er way off platinum is equivalent toe the atomic weight off platinum. So the weight off platinum equivalent tow the weight off black known, so we can see them. Now the weight off black in all equivalent to a woman is equal the way a platinum, which is 19.61 times point in power three times one is the molecular weight off platinum, which is 300 times vise. Atomic weight off platinum, which is one line fine. So the week or platinum or require or cost one million is 30 point mom 66 times fighting power three. Graham. Thank you