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Problem 60 Easy Difficulty

The biomass $ B(t) $ of a fish population is the total mass of the members of the population at time $ t. $ It is the product of the number of individuals $ N(t) $ in the population and the average mass $ M $ of a fish at time $ t. $ In the case of guppies, breeding occurs continually. Suppose that at time $ t = 4 $ weeks the population is 820 guppies and is growing at a rate of 50 guppies per week, while the average mass is 1.2 g and is increasing at a rate of 0.14 g/week. At what rate is the biomass increasing when $ t - 4? $


174.8 $\mathrm{g} /$ week

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it's clear. So when you raid here, so you have a B. A. T is equal to enough tee times and of tea. When we write the product rule for the derivative, we get the derivative of on lefty terms. I'm a lefty. Less energy turns the derivative of love. T be plugged in for 40 Can we get 50 terms? 1.2 plus a 20 terms 0.14 and this is equal to one under 74.8 grams per week.