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Problem 4

The "Chemistry in Focus" segment titled Dr. Ruth-Cotton Hero discusses the enormous contribution of Dr. Ruth Rogan Benerito to the survival of the cotton fabric industry in the United States. In the discussion, it was mentioned that Dr. Benerito became a chemist when women were not expected to be interested in, or good at, scientific subjects. Has this attitude changed? Among your own friends, approximately how many of your female friends are studying a science? How many plan to pursue a career in science? Discuss.


There has been a large increase in the participation of women in the world of science. The number of women receiving education in science is increasing per year, so that women outnumber substantially men in various science related disciplines. A number of organizations are coming forward to motivate and create awareness among girls, besides providing financial support. In our class more than half of the girls are studying science and are interested in pursuing a career in science.



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