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Problem 23 Easy Difficulty

The decibel level of an orchestra is $90 \mathrm{dB}$, and a single violin achieves a level of $70 \mathrm{dB}$. How do the intensity and volume of the sound of the full orchestra compare with those of the violin's sound?


The intensity is 100 times greater


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Video Transcript

uh huh. Here for the solution. The intensity in Daisy Buzz is that is the V equal to 10 law I buy? I not. So now, if one sound is 10 times more intense, then I know that song. Then it has a mhm sound level, which is Yeah, yeah. 10 times more decibels. Mm. Then the less intense sound. Mhm, less intense sound. So the answer Two days. One Yes. 10 to the power to or 100 times mhm. Yeah. So this is the solution of the answer that the intensity in decibels is there is equal to tell low. I buy. I note, if once on this 10 times more intense than another sound, then it has a sound level, which is 10 times more decibels than the less intense sound. So the answer to this will be 10 to the power to all 100 times. So there is a solution. Please go through this. Thank you.