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Problem 68 Hard Difficulty

The diameter of a bowling ball is 10 inches. Each hole is a cylinder 3 inches deep with a 1-inch diameter. Find the volume of material used to make the ball. Use 3.14 for $\pi$
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$523.3 \mathrm{~m}^{3}$


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Video Transcript

So here we've a bowling ball with a diameter of 10 inches. So first, find the volume with bowling ball. So the volume off the ball is going to be 4/3 pi. So 3.14 times are cute, while our diameter is 10. So our radius to be half of that, which is five. Okay, so now we have 4/3 times 3.14 times five cubed. So that gives us a volume of 5 23.3 inches cubed. And now we know we also have some holes in our bully goal to put your fingers in. Um, and each one is a cylinder. The cylinder is three inches deep and has a one inch diameter, so that means it's 1/2 on inch radius. So the volume of the cylinders is going to be We have three of them. So we're gonna mostly whatever we do by three. Um, hi. Said 3.14 times the radius squares your 0.5 squared times the height. So three times 3.14 times. Cyril 0.5 squared. Times three gives us 7.65 We're gonna do, um, the volume of the ball minus the volume of the cylinders. So we get the total amount of just material and not counting the holes. So when we do that, um, who gets 516.27 and she's cubes or cubic inches 560.27 inches cute.

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