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Problem 91 Hard Difficulty

The following bar graph shows each month's average daily low
temperature in degrees Fahrenheit for Barrow, Alaska. Use this graph to answer Exercises 87 through 92
(Graph cannot copy)
Find the average of the temperatures shown for the months of April, May, and October. (To find the average of three temperatures, find their sum and divide by 3 .)


$4.7^{\circ} \mathrm{F}$


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Video Transcript

Okay, This question is asking us to find the average for April, May and October. So April May in October. And so if you look back at your picture, April is negative. 9.1 May is 14.4 and October is 8.8. So to find the average, we're gonna add these three numbers up and then we'll divide by three. So if you had your 1st 2 numbers up, let's see 14.4 minus 9.1 four minus one is 3 14 minus nine five. So we have 5.3 plus 8.8. If you add up 5.3 and 8.8, let's see 5.3 8.8 Adam up gives you a one carry. The one gives you a four Gary, the ones of 14 0.1 and then define the average. We divide by three because they were three months so 14.1, divided by three with equal two point. Sorry not to for 0.7. Here, let me redo that. Tim So 14.1, divided by three is four point