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Problem 16 Hard Difficulty


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Video Transcript

Okay, so this question says the following table shows the hourly wages earned by the sixteen employees of a small company, the number of employees who earn each wage. What is the average Earth medic mean of the median, the mod and the range of this set of data? So it's going to start out by defining a couple of these terms. It's the median is just the middle number. When your data is arranged from lowest to highest, send the mode kind of like what it sounds is going to be the most. So whatever data point, they have the most of it. It's thin. The range is just going to be the highest number, minus the lowest number. Okay, that's going to start by finding the median, so we know that it's a middle number arranged from lowest to highest, so let's go ahead and arrange it from lowest heist. So from this table, we can see that there are three employees that urn six dollars per hour. Five employees earn eight dollars car four employees earn ten dollars are and four employees that are in thirteen dollars per hour. That's kind of like saying there's six six six, eight, eight, eight, eight, eight. Turn ten, ten, ten in thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, thirteen. So then, if we're trying to find the MIT media in which is the middle number, we just have to start up a counseling one from the first time From the last, I'm going canceling out one from each end. Okay, so that means because we started with eight and then we ended with the tongue. We know that the number has to be between those two, which means we have to pick the number that's between eight and ten, just going to be nine. So our median is going to be night. So then for the mod, the one that has the most. So if we look at the number of employees, there are five employees with eight dollars per hour. So we know that eight is going to be the mode then for the range or highest minus lowest. Our highest is thirteen. And are those two six, So pre subtract that that becomes seven so that it tells us that we want to find the average of the median mode and range. In order to do that, we just add up the points nine plus eight percent and then divide that by the number of data. Points at that are just three. And then we should get ate. Toby is the correct answer here.