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Problem 68 Medium Difficulty

The functions in Example 10 and Exercise 67 are called step functions because their graphs look like stairs. Give two other examples of step functions that arise in everyday life.


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Video Transcript

came functions and example ten and exercise sixty seven are called step function because they're graph looks like stairs give to other examples of step functions that arise in everyday life. Okay, so I guess one example would be the height of water in a cup if if I were to drink the water and maybe not drink the whole thing and stop and set it back on the table. So the height of the water is here and I drink some. Maybe I drink some and it will remain that way. They said on the table. Then drink some more in maybe a little bit less is in the cup until I drink the whole thing. Okay. And number two second example would be turning off a light switch throughout the day. Light switch may be in my room or in my office. Okay? It's either on or it's off. So maybe when I wake up in the morning, it's off throughout threat morning until I decided to wake up and it's on and maybe it's own for, like, an hour and then So I need and I just had to turn it off. I go to work, but work. And then maybe when I come back home, I turn it on for a little bit. And then as a c I go to bed, All turn back off. Here are my two examples.