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Problem 89 Hard Difficulty

The graph in Figure 1.15 shows the number of complaints for six different airlines as reported to the US Department of Transportation in February 2013. Alaska, Pinnacle, and Airtran Airlines have far fewer complaints reported than American, Delta, and United. Can we conclude that American, Delta, and United are the worst airline carriers since they have the most complaints?

(Figure 1.15 Can't Copy)


No, it cannot be concluded that these are the worst airline because until knowing the seriousness of the complaint or type of complaint, it is impossible to say the service of these airlines are worst.


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Video Transcript

for 89. Can we conclude that the 1st 3 airlines are worse airline carriers than the other three? Because they had the most complaints. The answer to that is no. Since it is number of complaints, those 1st 3 companies are much larger. Many more flights, many more employees. So with that, they're gonna have Maur complaints, probably than a smaller airline. Ah, better way of looking at this would be if they use percentage of flights or passengers and number of complaints. This would make everybody a little more equal, but with number of complaints, you cannot.