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Problem 4 Medium Difficulty

The graph of a function $ f $ and $ g $ are given.

(a) State the values of $ f(-4) $ and $ g(3) $.
(b) For what values of x is $ f(x) = g(x) $?
(c) Estimate the solution of the equation $ f(x) = -1 $?
(d) On what interval is $ f $ decreasing?
(e) State the domain and range of $ f $.
(f) State the domain and range of $ g $.


a) $[f(-4)=-2]$ and $[g(3)=4$ $\\$
b) $2,-2$ $\\$
c) $x=-3$ $\\$
d) $[0,4]$ $\\$
e) Domain $[-4,4]$, Range $[-2,3]$ $\\$
f) Domain: $[-4,3]$ Range: $=\left[\frac{1}{2}, 4\right]$


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Video Transcript

graphical function SNG or given. And so for port a state values of f of native for and G of three Look at the graph here you want death of negative four. So we'll count to the left for one to three to get four and looks like we get a why Value to negative to you and g f three one, two, three and so g e will be I wanted you before and for B What values of axis ethical to G So it looks like we have values here where ethical she at the intersection And that's when X equals two and also looks like X equals native to a swell Hey, for curtsy estimate the solution of the equation when death of X equals negative one. So in f equals negative one Oh, when ethical is needed one looks like excess one Teo negative three on one intervals f decreasing So it looks like f is decreasing its this red line here and so decreasing from zero all the way Teo for okay state the domain of F And so the domain exists from Let's see, negative for all the way Tio four. And so oh, annals of the range where Why lives We'LL see where while is so looking at solutions vertically Well, looks like y belongs from negative to all the way to three And finally court f you know why Interval in which excellence for the domain For the range where Why lives? Thank you. Looks like excellence for this function g from negative for a swell way to three. And finally the range looks like maybe about half y ca lls have tio or thank you for watching.