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Problem 101

A metal salt with the formula MCl_ $_{2}$ crystal…


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Problem 100

The Haber process is very important for agriculture because it converts $\mathrm{N}_{2}(g)$ from the atmosphere into bound nitrogen, which can be taken up and used by plants. The Haber process reaction is $\mathrm{N}_{2}(g)+3 \mathrm{H}_{2}(g) \rightleftharpoons 2 \mathrm{NH}_{3}(g) .$ The reaction is exothermic but is carried out at relatively high temperatures. Why?


The formation of ammonia by Haber process is as follows:
$\mathrm{N}_{2}(g)+3 \mathrm{H}_{2}(g) \longleftrightarrow 2 \mathrm{NH}_{3}(g)$
This reaction is exothermic, that is, heat is emitted increasing the entropy of the system and of
the surroundings. The change in entropy is negative because the number of gaseous moles
decreases from 4 moles to 2 moles which means entropy of the system decreases. To increase
the entropy of system this process is carried out at relatively high temperature.



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