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Problem 53 Easy Difficulty

The identical twins Speedo and Goslo join a migration from Earth to Planet $\mathrm{X}$ , which is 20.0 light-years away in a reference frame in which both planets are at rest. The twins, of the same age, depart at the same time on different spacecraft. Speedo's craft travels steadily at 0.950 $c,$ Goslo's at 0.750 $c.$ Calculate the age difference between the twins after Goslo's spacecraft lands on Planet $\mathrm{X}$ . Which twin is the older?


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': 'now in part a in arts frame. Speedo last four time. Their tarty is a close to Delta X off one week. Her dirt I exist 20 light here upon is 0.9506 which is close to 21.5 years. We those age at once is only wear proper time. Interval hands. Dirt RTP Is it close to their dirty upon gamma, which is opposed to 21.5 years. Multiply with 11 minus little want 950 square, which was to 6.574 years during this trip. Similarly, for go slow well there for their party is opposed to Delta X one v. Underwood one minus. We square upon Cisco, which was 2 20 light years divided by 0.7 50 light year. Divided by ear. Multiply with one minus zero 175 with we get answered. 17 1 64 here. While Speedo has landed on Planet X and is waiting for his brother, he ages right now 20 night here, divided by the dope. 175 light years divided by year minus minus 20. Light here divided by 0.95 New light here divided where year it was true. 5.614 years from their departure toe when the transmit credo has aged, Paedo has aged 6.574 year blows 51614 year it was 12 1919 12.19 years. Go slow. Has aged 17.64 years. Boss Look has age 17 points in four years for an age difference off 17.4 year, minus 6.574 years close Fight went 614 years. Is it was toe 5.45 years? No, in part B, find that horse no is older.'}

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