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Problem 95

Vanillin, the dominant flavoring in vanilla, cont…


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Problem 94

The koala dines exclusively on eucalyptus leaves. Its digestive system detoxifies the eucalyptus oil, a poison to other animals. The chief constituent in eucalyptus oil is a substance called eucalyptol, which contains $77.87 \% \mathrm{C}, 11.76 \% \mathrm{H},$ and the remainder O. (a) What is the empirical formula for this substance? (b) A mass spectrum of eucalyptol shows a peak at about 154 amu. What is the molecular formula of the substance?


(a) $\mathrm{C}_{10} \mathrm{H}_{18} \mathrm{O}$
(b) $\mathrm{C}_{10} \mathrm{H}_{18} \mathrm{O}$



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Video Transcript

sort of find out the empirical and molecular formal of the substance will follow some simple rules or steps. So the first appears we will consider the given person tase off each element as massive Graham. So you've given the person is off carbon and hydrogen and from there we can find the person to the oxygen. So we will do that and we will onward. Each person does Ramon as they're messing Graham. Then we'Ll determine the number of malls off each element. Then we will divide each number off malls by the smallest number of malls to get the simplest whole number ratios off malls. Then from the simplest hole number issue, we will deter, mined them, break a formal of the substance. Then we litter mind. They wriggle formal away. And then from there you will find the ratio of molecular weight and empirical formal away. And from that racial, we'LL find the value ofthe end with which you'LL be able to teach her mind the molecule or formal of the substance. So start bye, considering the each percentage asthma's Ingraham And before that we will find the person is of oxygen which will be hundred miners the Salome. The percentage of carbon and hydrogen sound is seven point it, son plus eleven born two, seven, six a person who should give us ten blind through seven percent. Hm. So now we know Ah, the each percenters off element Now we'LL find. And now we just consider each person does as their mass in Graham. So the mass of carbon will be seventy seven planned It's seven gram massive hydrogen will be eleven points turn six gram and massive oxygen will be ten point through seven gram. Now we'LL find a number ofthe malls for each element which we can go by just dividing their mass by the moral armas. So a number of most ofthe carbon women's seventy seven point eight seven gram over the molar mass of carbon which is stur bond on Graham Barmal. It will give us a value off six point for eight mold. Then the number of mall of high treason will be eleven point seven six gram, which is the mass of hydrogen and over the molar mass of had risen, which is one parent or age and grandpa are more and it will give us a value off eleven point six seven More finally, the number of Matloff oxygen will be ten point three seven gram over the molar mass of oxygen, which is sixteen cramp or more. It really was a fellow off zero point six five more. Now we will divide each number of more by the smallest number of more, which is zero point six five to get the simplest hole number issue of malls. So the ratio for carbon will be six point four eight over a zero point six five, which will give us a fellow off nine point and seven. But we're looking for a whole number issues, so we will consider this nine Peninsula and as approximately ten and and racial for head Rosen will be home eleven point six seven over zero point six five. So all of these air Mall and it will give us the value ofthe seventeen point nine, which we can consider as eighteen. And finally, for ox is a jewel, with zero planned six five over zero point six five, which will give us a bell off one. That man's the ratio. Here is days too. Eighteen is two one, and that men's them crinkled formula will it be seat in H eighteen? Oh, now go find the molecular formula. So the molecule or formal of this empirical formula will be, um hey, round break it and and in over the bracket. So you have to find the value ofthe n and the veil off in physical toe. Um, molecule a rue it over them. Miracle formula. Wait. So the molecular weight off this substance is given as one fifty for a mule. Since I am a spectrum of this substance Sha lt's a peak It about one fifty four a. M. You so he can consider that the molecular weight off this substances or one fifty four I am you. Now we have to find out them Brickell formal away. So in the empirical formula, here is six. Ten, age eighteen or missed them Brickell Formal away. It will be to appoint all one times ten, which is for carbon. Then we'LL have one point or eight times eighteen for high treason plus sixteen for oxygen and this will give us a value off Ah, one fifty four point two four annual. So he just replaced of Hello here one fifty five fifty four point two, four am you and we will get a Hello. Off syrup one nine nine eight, which is approximately one as the bell off and should be a whole number. So now the value ofthe in here is one that Mexican right seeped in h eighteen all or break it one which will give us the molecular formula as same as then Pringle formula, which is sitting agent in or so this is our molecular formula for the substance. So both the empirical formal and the molecular formula for the substances Satan agenting Oh!

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