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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

The lengths of school years in a sample of various countries in the world are shown. Find the mean, median, midrange, and mode of the data.
$251 \quad 243 \quad 226 \quad 216 \quad 196 \quad 180$


$218.7 ; 221 ; 215.5 ;$ no mode


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Video Transcript

for this problem. We're looking at the length of school years for different countries, and we're gonna find the me median mid range and mood for the mean. We're gonna add up all of our values and divide by how maney we have. So we'll have to 51 plus 2 43 plus 2 26 less, 216 plus 1 96 plus 180 all divided by six. Since we have six numbers, when we do that, we're gonna get 1312. We'll divide that by our six, and we'll get the Army is 218.67 days for our media. We want to find either the very middle number or the average of the two middle numbers. Since since we have six values, we need the to middle numbers. So in this case, 226 plus 216 divided by two. Well, give us 442 divided by two, which gives us a median of 221 days. Then, for our mid range, we're gonna take the largest number in the smallest number at them and divide by two. So 1 80 plus 2 51 divided by two. Well, give US 431 divided by two equals 215.5 days, and then our mode is the most often, and in this case there is none.