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Problem 23 Medium Difficulty

The masses $ m_i $ are located at the points $ P_i $. Find the moments $ M_x $ and $ M_y $ and the center of mass of the system.

$ m_1 = 4 $ , $ m_2 = 2 $ , $ m_3 = 4 $ ;
$ P_1 (2, -3) $ , $ P_2 (-3, 1) $ , $ P_3 (3, 5) $




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Video Transcript

in this problem, we're given three messes. Andy coordinates. Those messes are located. Where has to find the moments in exile y directions as a lesson to Central press office system. We know that why movement is summation off mess times distance about origins of it'll be four times two plus two terms native three plus three, uh, or less Director masters four times three and that is 14. Ex moment will be an eye. Why I saw mass times. Why position? So that it will be four times negative. Three plus two times one plus four times five and that is equal to 10. We know that X bar so central meson extraction is in my ex I divided by summation off mess that is the Y moment, which is 14 divided by summation of Mass four plus two plus four that is 14 over 10 and that is equal to 7.5 or 1.4. And why bar is equal to M X, divided by summation of total mess and a mess. In the first part, we found one. It's 10 summation off mess here. We found it as 10. So what Bars? Look at it. One. So the center of mass is looking at you that negative or positive one over four and one

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