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Problem 32

What is the ratio of the measure of an interior a…

Problem 31

The measures of the consecutive angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio $5 : 7 : 11 : 13 .$ Find the measure of each angle. draw a quadrilateral that satisfies the requirements, and explain why two sides must be parallel.


$50 ; 70 ; 110 ; 130$ . Draw a Quadrilateral and solve the quadrilateral
congruent by splitting it into two triangles and proving them conqgruent



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Video Transcript

we know the angles. That share, based with 57 degrees, would also be 57 degrees because based singles are congruent Nice sausages, trapezoid. We know the angles are supplementary. In other words, they add up to 180 degrees because they're same side interior angles on parallel lines. Therefore, 1 80 minus 57 gives us 1 23 degrees.

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