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Problem 74 Hard Difficulty

The Moon's mass is $7.34 \times 10^{22} \mathrm{kg},$ and it is $3.8 \times 10^{8} \mathrm{m}$ away from Earth. Earth's mass is $5.97 \times 10^{24} \mathrm{kg}.$
a. Calculate the gravitational force of attraction between Earth and the Moon.
b. Find Earth's gravitational field at the Moon.


a) $2.0 \times 10^{20} N$
b) $0.0027 \mathrm{~N} / \mathrm{kg}$


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Video Transcript

in the first part of this problem, we have to get that force of gravitation Between moment we left his forest is now using neutral smoke. The adaptation We can define the force of attraction between moment That is difficult to G and me MMD wanted by on squid We call it equation about one your disease the collaboration constant That means the most part and I'm in the midst of move. But they this art is the distance from Central Park to the central move when setting weathered into the square, looking right difficult to 6.67 months play during his bar minus 11 Newton meters square. But get you squared into the missile part is five point 97 Multiply with generous far 24 kg. All right, and that's off Money 7.34 multiply. We're doing this fall 22 KT, so this will be divided. Oh, you wanted by three point Did multiple opportunities for hold square. Do you want The rally for the FAA is difficult to dewpoints It'll what are we doing this bar? 20 years. So this is the answer. The first part of this problem I mean seven point out this problem we have to kill correct artist gravitational field. But this really is there g so we can write a relation for this year's GE equals two after wanted by. Mm. Where this maybe the less off the moon when setting well, is into this question. We can write this G equals two 2.0. I want to play opportunities for 20. You don't You wanted by seven point 34 I want to play with tennis bar 22. Oh, Okay, So this is you Want a matter for the Sergey as GE equals two zero point 00 27 u turn. But Katie So this is the answer. The second part of this problem. Thank you.