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Problem 46 Medium Difficulty

The number of nations participating in the winter Olympic games, from 1968 to 2010, is given below. Find the following measures for the data. Source: New York Times 2010 Almanac and International Olympic Committee.
a. Mean
b. Median
c. Mode


a. 58.25
b. $=60.5$
c. The value 37 occurs three times (most), so the mode is 37


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Video Transcript

this question chooses a table of the number of countries participating in several Olympic Games. It asks us first to find that the mean now the mean we know. It's just that some of the X values, some of all over data divided by the total number of data We know that we have 12 data points and if we add all of these up and a calculator will get 699 now, our mean is gonna be 699 divided by 12 or 58.2 five. Next, it wants us to know it wants to know the median. Since we have 12 data points, we know that the meeting is gonna be the average of the sixth lowest and the seventh lowest, which all right, his ex sixth and x seven. When we find these, we can count, amount and find that the sixth lowest is 57 the seventh lowest is 64 adding those up and dividing by not by 12. Excuse me? My goodness issued. Only beat by two were divided by two. Because we're finding the average of these two points, we want to find what's right in the middle and in the middle of 57 64 this 60.5. So that's your medium. Finally, we want to know the mode and we only have 12 data points here is that we can just look and count the amount. We'll see that the only data only value that repeats shows several times in this data is 37 with a count of three. And they're 3 30 sevens in this data and one of everything else is so 37 is our mood. These were