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Problem 33 Medium Difficulty

The number of passengers annually on U.S. commercial airlines was 650 million in 2002 and is expected to be 1.05 billion in 2016 .
(a) Represent this data graphically by two points.
(b) Find the midpoint of the line segment joining these two points.
(c) How might this midpoint be interpreted? What assumptions, if any, are needed to make this interpretation?


a. (2016,1.05)
b. (2009,0.85)]
c. 0.85 billion


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Video Transcript

we could use the points to 650 and 16. Um, 1050 if we let x equal zero be the year 2000 when we have a year 2002 and for our y cornets Johnson millions. So we have 650 million and from 1.5 billion. Okay, so r b find midpoint with the midpoint is add appear X corns take half and add up your why hornets and take half. So that midpoint would be a 18 halves or nine and 6 50 plus 10 50 Half of that is a 15. So this would be your midpoint for part C. How would that be interpreted in 2009? Um, the number of passengers it was 100 and 50 going.

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