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Problem 99 Easy Difficulty

The objects in Fig. 8.47 are constructed of uniform wire bent into the shapes shown. Find the position of the center of mass of each.


a. $(L / 2) \cos (\alpha / 2)$
b. $2(L / 2) / 3=L / 3$
c. $(L / 2) / 2=L / 4$
d. $(L / 3) \sin 60^{\circ}$


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Video Transcript

I have prevent. This is the problem. We start two dimensional religion here it is given for elastic religion theater A plus theater be with 90 degree so theater be you will get 19 minus theater A that is 65 degrees now Applying conservation off mo mentum for XX is well, you will get m A. We have one x Yeah, and I mean baby one x I am a be a two x because can be we toe X substituting the value mass off a Is Khartoum ass off given the problem. So here noted down I am a fiscal tow am bees Kal Toh am so do you. Me, right? We air one. It's called toe Be a toe cause off 25 plus b b two course up 65 Say the question But for y axis by direction before religion it is zero on after position it is Mm. We 8 to 5 minus m b b b to buy masses seem so It can be written as b B two cause off. Funny sign on 60 Pipe Toby is Kal Toh. Be eight to right. Sign off 25 So you will get baby toe. Why? Sorry, baby Toe. It's called toe. We ate toe in two. Sign off 25 upon side off 16 fight. So, from any question, Benito, we even you will get we ate toe cause off. Contain five less. Sign off 25 for us off 65 upon signed off 60 pipe and to be a two. So from here we get two people get okay, that is read A You will be 15 upon 1.103 That is 35 6 m per second. So after collision, having the velocity 13.6 m per second. Now, baby, too. You can find by a patient to 13.6. Sign off 25 upon. Sign off 65. So it would be for toe 6.35 So it's 6.34 m per second. That's all Thanks for watching it