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Problem 31

The measures of the consecutive angles of a quadr…

Problem 30

The perimeter of a triangle is 132 $\mathrm{cm}$ and the lengths of its sides are in the ratio $8 : 11 : 14 .$ Find the length of each side.


$32 : 44 : 56$



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Video Transcript

unquestioned. 30. We have the perimeter triangles 132. Remember, perimeter means you wanna addle the sides at a ll size. It's a distance around the figure. It's a the perimeters 1 32 and the length of its sides. Aaron the ratio 8 to 11 to 14 again whenever we have a ratio question. What we want to do is you wanna put in acts with each of the numbers in the ratio so that we don't have to sit here and do trial and ever on any of these questions. Okay, so what we want to do is add all three sides equal she'll love 32 14 x equals 1 32 When we add this all up, that's 19 and 14 which is 33. X equals 1 32 So acts would equal for now, be really careful and make sure you answer the question. Go back. This is fun. The measure of each, um, side the length of each side. So come back here. Great. Eight multiplied by four is 32 11 multiplied by four is 44 and 14 multiplied by four is 56 and then you could test to make sure that those three at all