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Problem 132

The standard heat of formation of PI3(s) is -24.7…

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Problem 131

The standard heat of formation of CaBr2 is -675 kJ>mol. The first ionization energy of Ca is 590 kJ>mol, and its second ionization energy is 1145 kJ/mol. The heat of sublimation of Ca [Ca(s) Ca(g)] is 178 kJ>mol. The bond energy of Br2 is 193 kJ/mol, the heat of vaporization of Br2(l) is 31 kJ/mol, and the electron affinity of Br is -325 kJ>mol. Calculate the lattice energy of CaBr2.


-2162 \mathrm{kJ} / \mathrm{mol}



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Video Transcript

The lattice energy is defined as the amount off heat released when two gashes sign off opposite charge. Junko come closer to each other other than infinity to form a solid compound. The lattice energy can be calculated from the given reaction from steps metal in solid form and provided Delta H for sublimation. Giff. Gosh, it's home we have and nobody won ionization form in gashes. You have I to And then we have m positive for the two gashes. Then we have It's two in gaseous form and nobody provided. Give me two weeks and leads to two activation energy plus tow X minus. Well, gashes fall leads to and makes two stolid. Therefore the intel A p off a compound form delta which if can be calculated us The formula represented seem can be done for the second part too. The lattice energy off catchable might can be calculated from born haber cycle has followed. We have calcium in solid form. We have Delta H off sublimation. We have calcium in gash is full and know that you provided we have calcium for the tip in. Gash is full. We have AII too we have culture to positive in gaseous form plus blue mean we are too liquid. And how'd you provided for vaporization? We have. We are two in gaseous form again and energy again. Toby are in gaseous form. We have to. And how do you provide it? Giving us plus to be our negative in gaseous form For the which leads to the formation off calcium bromide. We have C A br too in solid from thus the mentality or formation can be determined and from which the lattice energy can be determined Which turns out to be 2162. Hello, Jules Permal.

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