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Problem 9

A worker uses a forklift to move boxes that weigh…

Johns Hopkins University
Problem 8

The table above shows the flavors of ice cream
and the toppings chosen by the people at a party.
Each person chose one flavor of ice cream and
one topping. Of the people who chose vanilla
ice cream, what fraction chose hot fudge as a
$$\begin{array}{l}{\text { A) } \frac{8}{25}} \\ {\text { B) } \frac{5}{13}} \\ {\text { C) } \frac{13}{25}} \\ {\text { D) } \frac{8}{13}}\end{array}$$

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SAT Practice Test # 6



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Video Transcript

Okay, So this one says of the people who chose vanilla, what fraction chose not fudge or hot fudge as a talking. So it's if it's a of the people. That means that we're narrowing down our entire total to just the people who chose for naught. We're just looking at this. So our total is out of however many put the hot fudge and caramel, which is going to be a total of thirteen. But I'm just adding eight plus five. So then we're goingto wanted and see how many people chose hot fudge. And if we take out of the total number of hot fudge, that's eight hour thirteen so D is going to be our correct answer.

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