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Problem 9 Hard Difficulty

The table above shows the number of registered voters in 2012 , in thour geographic regions and five age
groups. Based on the table, if a registered voter who was 18 to 44 years old in 2012 is chosen at random, which of the
following is closest to the probability that the registered voter was from the Midwest region?
A) 0.10
B) 0.25
C) 0.40
D) 0.75


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Video Transcript

And so for this one, it says we want to pick from a registered voter who was eighteen to forty four years old in two thousand twelve. Which of the following is the closest to the probability that the registered voter was from the Midwest region? So first of all, we know that the baseline information is that the age group is from Fort eighteen to forty four. So here's eighteen and here's forty four. So we want to encompass both of these regions. Okay, so then that means that our new total is gonna be taking up taking out of this region. But then we want to know the possibility that it's from the from the Midwest region, which is this little box right here. So then we just have to take these two numbers and divided by the total for the eighteen to the forty four that's going to be three four five three plus eleven thousand two hundred thirty seven, divided by fourteen thousand seven hundred sixty six plus forty seven thousand eight hundred and ninety six. Then for the numerator, we get fourteen thousand six hundred ninety. For the denominator, we get fourteen popes, we get sixty two thousand six hundred and sixty two sin. If we divide that, we get about twenty three point four four percent, meaning that close ones probably be.